Vanessa + AJ: Wedding Rehearsal

Well, this is a long time coming! I have been on a little blog hiatus for wayyy too long now, but I'M BACK :) Let's play catch up a bit, shall we? 

I absolutely loved being included Vanessa and A.J.'s wedding celebration, beginning with their rehearsal dinner. What a loving family! Completely surrounded by support & love from all sides, Vanessa + A.J., you are in great company!  

 ^ How cute are they???


Pretty people everywhere! 

And did I mention that the bride, Vanessa, is a twin? And she married a twin? And her twin sister had twin girls who were the flower girls? Oh yes, it was quite a lot of fun on a whole new level :) 


Congratulations, Vanessa & A.J.! I couldn't be happier for you two :)