A Beach, a Pup + a Little Time

  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love animals- our pets in particular. Our aussie shepherd Scout has been with the family since 1999, this year he turns the big 1-3! What an old man... I can still picture wandering around the shop looking for a pup, realizing I had somehow lost Thorsten in the middle of all of the puppies. Then I saw them. Thor was in a little side room with the sweetest chocolatey-brown puppy I'd ever laid eyes on, and in his hands was a tiny cow stuffed animal that we now lovingly refer to as his "moo". Love at first sight.

  Lately, it's been taking a little longer for Scout to hop off of the couch, to get up after lying down, to walk up and down the beach house stairs. After a little research, I decided to try out glucosamine treat supplements from our pet shop to hopefully help limber up those stiff joints that sneak up on us all over the years. Fingers crossed they helps our little buddy out! 

  Scout's favorite thing to do since we moved to North Carolina is to walk on the beach. Usually, he runs around the house as soon as I grab his leash, so anxious to get there he's out of breath before we make it out the door! In an effort to help strengthen up those puppy legs of his, I took him out on a little beach romp today before work, something I'll be doing everyday from now on for my little love. But man have our walks gotten quite a bit slower. Oh Scooty, you're such a good boy + so very loved. Here's to getting out of the house + amping up the vitamins, good luck buddy! 

Beautiful Holden Beach, NC

Beautiful Holden Beach, NC