Elle: 2nd Birthday Shoot

When the chilly weather keeps you inside on photo shoot day, what do you do? Well, if you're Stacey + I, you clear out Stace's front room, whip out the bubble gun and let the newly 2 year old Elle run around indoors where it's nice & cozy! 


Brace yourself.... here comes the 'tude!   

Oh yeah, work it, Elle! Feels very "Charlie's Angels" to me, lol. This girl is a NATURAL.

In between all of the bubble madness, we decided to make a break for it and test out the weather for a few backyard pics. My goodness is this little girl stunning, or what? 

Back inside we went after it started to get a bit chilly, time to BRING ON THE CAKE! It wouldn't be a birthday without cake now would it? Red Velvet cake...my fave!  

What a fun session this was! I cannot believe we're already celebrating your 2nd birthday, Elle! We ended this session with a bang, that's for sure, because Stacey had a little surprise 2nd birthday gift for you, didn't she? You're going to be a BIG SISTER! wooooohoooo! Cannot wait to meet the new family member, I have a feeling my camera is going to be very, very busy ;)

 Happy Birthday, Elle and CONGRATULATIONS, Stacey & Jonathan!