Zander S.

Aren't babies just THE BEST? Yesterday morning, I was able to spend a little time with brand new mom, Katie (you may remember her from our maternity shoot) & her absolutely gorgeous little boy, Zander. Only 10 days new, he still is in that unbelievably cuddly, soft, teeny-tiny stage where every feature looks so delicate and fresh and every movement gets a big "aaahhhh" from onlookers. Love this stage!

^ Did you see the little baby toes??? And perfect little baby face??? And all that hair??? (sigh) Seriously, what a way to start my morning! After a really stressful few weeks (#housebuyingisnotfun), this baby-pick-me-up is just what the doctor ordered.

I think one of my favorite parts of being able to photograph newborns, is getting to see all of the brand new baby details: the skin that's so new it's still a little flaky, the barely-there downy hair on their body,  tiny ears + adorable cupid-bowed lips.

Man, someone better warn my hubby, too many more of these newborn shoots and I may need an intervention... or a minivan ;)

Zander, you are so loved already. Wake up every morning knowing that you have a wonderful support system around you, a Mom who is smitten by you, heart + soul, and all of the capabilities in the world at your feet.

Welcome to the world, little man.