Ashlee, Jared, Adam + Chase

Perk of the job # 312: watching families grow & change over the years, especially meeting their brand new family members!

And on that note: Meet Chase!

Isn't he a doll? :)

Ash and I have been taking pics of her growing family for years now, and I was just dying to meet her new little one. The wait was so worth it! What a sweet family!

Chase has a big brother, Adam. Adam is such a character! And it's crazy how big he's gotten, I swear everyone's growing up so fast! He decided to sport my shades for a shot or two :)

But man, when he took the shades off. Miles. O. Lashes! I love these kids, so darned cute!!!

Ash, just look at you: Mom to two amazing little boys, future wife of a great family man, Jared. It's really awesome to see. Can't wait to see what's in store for you all. Stay tuned, folks... :)