Happy Birthday, Babe.

October 1999. That was the first birthday we spent together. We weren't officially letting people know we were a  "couple" yet, but I remember having the biggest crush on you and finding a way to bake a cake in our dorm kitchen for your birthday. Shortly after that, I met your family for the first time at Disney World and you introduced me as your "girlfriend" for the first time. And that was that, I was head over heels and such a goner for you. 

Fast forward through the years, and you'll see our story: laughs, adventures, fun, struggles, triumphs, marriage, our first home and now our first baby. So much good in all of that. I'm such a lucky girl to call you my own. 

Wedding photos courtesy of Laura Ivanova (she's amazing!)

Isla couldn't ask for a better Daddy. The way she looks at you, her little eyes lighting up and that smirk on the edge of her lips. Heart melter every time. 

Babe, we love you more than words can say. I hope this year is so good to you. You deserve the best. 

Love always, 
Isla & Me