Happy 1st Birthday, Pearce!

Stop it right there, Mister! I'm pretty sure that no one approved this whole "Pearce turns one" business. Too fast, waaaaaay too fast! Hard to believe that one year ago this little peanut made his big debut, what a doll! 

Well, I guess if we HAVE to admit that one year has already flown by and this little one is ready for his first taste of birthday cake, then alright... HERE WE GO! 

Did I mention that Pearce's mom, Stacey, made the cake, the banner & his little Dr. Seuss diaper cover??? Too cute!

Hmm... not quite sure about this...


I can't even deal with all the cuteness :) While we're at it, how did Pearce's big sister Elle go from this....

To this in just 12 months time??? I love her so much! 

The cake was fun and all, but you can't beat a squeaky clean, fresh from the bath kiddo with a Dr. Seuss towel :)

Happiest of birthday wishes to you, sweet boy. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you! 

Side Note: How cute are Isla & Jayden together? Jay is about 3 months older than Isla, but they look nearly the same size. Isla has grown so much! It's crazy :) And sitting up all by herself. Pearce seemed to really like Isla too. Love these kiddos!