ST. JAMES PLANTATION: Sydney & ReillY, Birthday Girls

Over the years, I have watched a good number of families grow and change from behind my camera lens. This family of three became a family of four last year and with just a blink of an eye, now little Reilly is turning FIVE and Sydney is turning ONE! It's incredible just how quickly these little kiddos become such big personalities... so awesome! We thought we would take advantage of the gorgeous weather and St. James Plantation's pretty backdrops and photograph the youngins' for their birthday celebrations!

And don't let the following facial expression fool you...Sydney ADORES her big sister, Reilly. 

Two absolutely gorgeous little girls. Those curls! I die!!!

That little mischievous grin. That is totally Reilly! 

What good would a birthday photo shoot be without a birthday treat?


Martin Family, I am in love with your babies! I cannot be trusted. If left alone with them, you will end up with a ridiculous number of photographs showing every possible movement throughout the day for no reason whatsoever except simply... they're cute and I love them! Happiest of birthdays, girls :)