Cabin Livin'

Thor and I definitely worked our tails off this holiday season, and needed a little time away from it all. Insert "Black Dog Cabin", THE best cabin in all the land ;) Don't believe me? Check it out here

I tell you what, just a little time to regroup after the holidays was just what the doctor ordered. Jacuzzi tub, comfy couches at the end of the day, a little Baileys in my coffee nightcap, Thor playing the role of the lookout while I hopped locked gates to walk behind waterfalls, careening down the ski slopes and yelling at the Ski Patrol to keep their eyes on me because ANY MINUTE NOW I was going to plummet ever-so-gracefully to my icy death. It was way too fun and I'm feeling very lucky indeed that we were able to spend that time together. 

If you're ever in need of a mountain retreat, you've found the best cabin out there, go rent it and have a BLAST! Thanks again, Jenifer :)