The Christofaro Family

Southport, N.C., one of the most charming little towns in my neck of the woods, recently used in "Safe Haven"  and most recently for me, used as the perfect setting for Martha & the fam's photo session. Beautiful neighborhoods, the ocean, gorgeous weather and two very cooperative and fun little boys, the perfect combination for this photographer :) 

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Rylan L.

Don't you just love birthdays? Especially that most special of birthdays, the 1st birthday :) I love waiting to see how the birthday babe will react to all of that frosting at their disposal with NO ONE to tell them not to dive in head first! Note to self: must attempt to dive in head first to a cake at least once in my life. Side note: mmmm cake....

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Hello, Friends!

January is winding down, so what better time than the present to jump-start the new year with a brand new website??? So...where to start?

For those of you who are brand new to my images + blogging, WELCOME! Last year, I was Miss. Tiffany Kay of Tiffany Kay Photography. Then came the engagement! 13 years into a wonderful relationship, I said "I do" to my best friend, Thorsten, and became Mrs. Tiffany Abruzzo! Happy Camper :) 

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