Laryn & Jayden Wrightsville Beach Session

So, my hairdresser , Stacey, is pretty darned awesome and we have been able to work together over the years, I photograph her babies, she tames the mane! Lucky for me, her sister Laryn is ALSO awesome and she and her hubby Matthew have the cutest little girl, Jayden, who I get to photograph! For this photo session, we headed out to Wrightsville Beach to enjoy a quiet, early morning with our babies & my camera... 

Love her!!!

Laryn, I think you need to go ahead and let us all in on the secret to not looking like we just had a kid a few months ago, k?

The next few photographs crack me up! My little girl, Isla was a few months old here and we decided to put the kids in a big fabric bin and see how they would interact. Isla had never been around another baby before. Her reaction is priceless! 

Laryn & Jay, love our Wrightsville Beach photo session! Stay tuned peeps, as I play catch up on the blog this week, maybe I will fast forward and you will get to see Jayden's FIRST birthday shoot!