The Greene Family

  With gorgeous weather just around the corner, I thought I would start my game of Blog Catch-up with this warm, beachy photo session in Oak Island of the Greene Family! I absolutely adore their little family. The twins, Mack & Caroline & the newest sibling Elizabeth are incredibly cute and used to my antics now as this is a few sessions in for their family and myself! 

I love how they tried to help their little sister walk on the sand. They look so proud that she's theirs! 

^      Surrounded by pretty people!       v

THIS! I love that we were able to just let the kids be kids! A typical Tiffany Abruzzo Photography photo shoot is JUST like this: we find a beautiful location like Oak Island with gorgeous light and then let your family moments happen while I snap away! I love that you can feel the fun in this image, they were having a blast! 

Pure sopping wet, sand-covered joy right here, folks! 

Little Miss Sass here wasn't as interested in the waves as her siblings :) 


Thanks again, Greene Family! Good luck on your travels and hope to see you soon on your next visit back to North Carolina!